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Goblin-Paint by Numbers Hand Fan

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Product name: Digital color drawing

Regardless of academic qualifications or age, the digital painting kit is an ideal drawing fun product.
This is the perfect first step for beginners to enjoy painting.
Just apply the blank number color to the same number on the canvas to create your own masterpiece.
It provides all the basic drawing skills, sense of accomplishment and entertainment
This will be a masterpiece of your own collection
As a folding fan, this exquisite digital painting can not only bring you the fun of painting, but also let you feel the cool summer breeze.
Item specifications
Expanded size: 21x3 cm
Frame: not included
Function: DIY, leisure, entertainment, art, environmental protection
Steps to use DIY digital painting:
1. Open the box and check the digital oil painting applicator tool
2. Check the color of the paint and the order code of the number arrangement on the oil painting
3. Uncover the canvas, you will see a large number of color codes corresponding to the symbols
4. Apply the corresponding ink according to the corresponding area label (for the convenience of filling, please add a small amount of water to the paint)
5. It is recommended to apply a set of one color paint, which can be completed faster
6. In order to create a perfect digital oil painting folding fan, it is recommended to spread out the drawings and paint the color areas one by one.
7. After a good painting, slightly modify the corresponding color where the color blocks are connected.
8. Complete a good digital oil painting folding fan and let it dry for a while, then you can get a beautiful folding fan painted by yourself.

1. This product is unfinished and requires the buyer to create it by himself
2. Acrylic paint is easy to dry. When you don’t need to use it, please close the lid to prevent the paint from drying out and hardening. If the acrylic paint becomes dry, you can add 1-2 drops of brightener (the product does not include brightener) or water. , Stir well before use, be careful not to add more water
3. Please complete the creation of digital oil painting as soon as possible after the product is opened, so as not to affect the oil painting effect presented by the line draft
4. Regarding the digital code on the line draft, you can use white paint to paint out the numbers first, and then color them. The effect of oil painting is better.
5. For completed digital oil paintings, please dry the paint on the canvas in time to prevent the paint from fading and showing the numbers underneath or causing the paint to bloom

6. Due to logistics reasons, the canvas you received may have creases or wrinkles. Please smooth the canvas before painting.
Remarks: due to different batches, weight +-30g

Included :

1 set of acrylic paint
1 X folding fan paper

1x bamboo folding fan frame (integrated with folding fan paper)

2 X brush

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