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Christmas Handmade Greeting Card-Painting By Numbers

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Christmas Card Kits DIY Oil Painting By Numbers Handmade Digital Oil Drawing On Canvas Greeting Cards Craft for Christmas Gifts
Size: 13*18cm (After Folding) Name: Greeting Card
Model: GC-01
Net Weight: 92g
Outer Size: 13x18cm, Unfold: 26x18cm
Sticker Area: Painting By Numbers on the Front

DIY Steps:
1. Open the box and check the Painting By Numbers tool.
2. Check the color of the paint, and the order of the numbers arranged on the oil painting.
3. Uncover the canvas, you will see a lot of symbols corresponding to the color numbers.
4. Filled in the areas that marked with numbers with the corresponding paint. (For convenient to DIY, please add a small amount of water to the paint)
5. It is recommended to Paint one group color at a time, which can be completed faster.
6. In order to create a perfect Painting By Numbers, it is recommended to put the drawings together when painting and paint all the color areas.
7. After painting, make a slight modification on the connection between color blocks with the corresponding color.
8. When you finish a painting by numbers folding fan, place it in a appropriate frame for your prefer. (This product is NOT Including Frame).

1. This product is unfinished and needs to be created by the buyer.
2. Acrylic paint is easy to dry. When you don't need to use it, please close the lid to prevent the paint from drying out and hardening. If the acrylic paint dries, you can add 1-2 drops of brightener (the product does not include brightener) or water. Stir well before use, be careful not to add more water.
3. Please complete the creation of digital oil painting as soon as possible after the product is opened, so as not to affect the oil painting effect presented by the line draft.
4. Regarding the digital code on the line draft, you can use white paint to paint out the numbers first, and then color them. The effect of oil painting is better.
5. For completed digital oil paintings, please dry the paint on the canvas in time to prevent the paint from fading and showing the numbers underneath or causing the paint to bloom.

1. Due to different batches, weight±30g.
2. Due to logistics reasons, the canvas you received may have creases, please smooth the canvas before painting.
3. Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 Set X Acrylic Paints
2 X Cards (No Frame)
3 X Painting Pens
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